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About Shirtstore


Welcome to the largest and best store with t-shirts and shirts with cool and funny graphics.

Hybris is the company behind The Shirtstore, founded in 1998 as an advertising company. 2002, we began to gradually print some clothes for artists, customers and friends. People who carried "our" clothes are often asked where to buy them and after a while we came up with the idea for an online store. Our first webshop was launched in 2003 and the store was called Poohwear.se.

It was not long before interest was high and after a year was what was intended as a pet project a full time job for three people. 2005 we changed name to our present name Shirtstore. Since then all the focus is on improving customer service, product development and develop our site. 2009, we launched Shirtstore in Denmark and 2010 in Norway and Finland. Today we are one of Scandinavia's most visited and popular clothing store. Most of our models you will find nowhere else, we design for 90% of our range inhouse.
The clothes are printed either in the U.S. or in our own printing plant in Trelleborg, which is also one of Sweden's modern textile printers.

Shirtstore is owned by Hybris Production AB 
SE VAT.no# SE556643-5730-01

Hybris Production AB
 Genvägen 1 
231 62 Trelleborg

Tel support: +46 410-35 35 00
 E-mail: kundtjanst@shirtstore.se

Peo Olsson / peo@shirtstore.se

 - CEO

Sandra Olsson / sandra@shirtstore.se - CFO
Patrik Wisemark / patrik@shirtstore.se - Production Manager

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